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Zhenjiang Runzhou Jinshan Packing Factory
The new factory address: Hengshun Road, Dantu Industrial Park,  Zhenjiang City
The old factory address: East of Erbaidu Bridge, Runzhou Road, Zhenjiang City
Tel :0511 -85,512,441 0511-85601858
Business Contact: Mr. Wang 13,306,100,258   Mr.  Ren 1,333,778,260   Mr.  Liu 13,337,779,260
Fax 0511 -85518258 E-mail: jinshan@pack.net.cn 
Export Department:  +86 511 -85601858 Miss Ling +86 15952907662
Fax: +86-511-85518258 E-mail:Alice@jinshanpack.com   jinshanpack@163.com

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Hotline: 0511-85528258